2009 June 27 - Dairy Farm

Article and photo contributed by Doreen Ang.
This is an edited version.

NK, AH and I were at Dairy Farm today from 0745-1030h. Here are some interesting sightings to share:
  1. Coppersmith Barbet - An immature barbet busy preening itself atop a bare tree.
  2. Long-tailed Parakeet - An immature parakeet calling (an interesting call) from its perch for about 10 minutes.
  3. Red-breasted Parakeet - An immature parakeet with grey face in the company of adult birds on an Albizia. It was seen drinking water from a hollow in a stump.
  4. Eurasian Tree Sparrow - Lots around but we saw one individual with nest materials in its bill on a fence. It was seen flying into the roof of a nearby building.
  5. Oriental White-eye - A fledgling begging for and receiving food from an adult from its perch just below the canopy of a short tree.
We also met two lucky, beaming ladies - one had a durian!!!!!!!!

2009 June - wise words

some wise words seen on a bumboat from Pulau Ubin.

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