2009 December 28

Contributed by Doreen Ang.
This is an edited version. 

AH and I spent our morning at the Singapore Quarry today. AH pointed out the Black-capped Kingfisher - yeah! We saw 6 Little Grebes in breeding plumage - moving around in pairs; a pair of White-bellied Sea Eagles perched together but facing opposite directions - 'laughing' at each other's jokes every now and again ... 'ha ha ha ha ha' on outstretched necks with bills held upright (which in turn never fail to make us smile too); a lone Common Sandpiper, one tail-flicking immature Scaly-breasted Munia, a brief appearance of a Common Kingfisher seen fishing once, an adult Brahminy Kite flying overhead and one Black Baza which circled the quarry before heading deep into the Catchment area. We also heard the deep booming call of a Greater Coucal 'who? who? who? who?' - (we girls will glady tell you who you are if only you'd show up) and the distant whistle of a Common Hill Myna.

Over at the Singapore Botanic Garden, thanks to Pauline, we saw the Hooded Pitta and just as we're about to give up at 1pm, AH got excited when she spotted the Malayan Night Heron standing still out in the open, staring skywards ... hmmm, we're hoping all the flashlights had not damaged its eyes?

changi airport butterfly garden

chocolate pansy on the left, grey sailor on the right
chocolate pansy
grey pansy
great eggfly (male)
leopard lacewing (male)
leopard lacewing (female)
archduke (female)

Prenn waterfall, Dalat, Vietnam

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